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Smart City

A smart city's success rests on real-time, trustworthy and transparent data sharing between every infrastructure, device and network without compromising on privacy and security. A hybrid blockchain that can be simultaneously configured into all four modes is essential in making this happen.
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FinTech and CBDC

Many countries are exploring or launching trials for their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and blockchain is the only technology that has the capacity to support widescale CBDC deployment. The underlying blockchain must be one that is agile enough to operate in all 4 modes: public, private, permissioned and permissionless.
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Unleashing Blockchain For Business

Bringing Blockchain to Bear on the World's Hardest Challenges.

Held back by critical technological limitations, blockchain has failed to deliver on its commercial promise.

Our vision is to fulfil that promise.

The ParallelChain® ecosystem is the only decentralized network with tailor-made applications that satisfy all information technology requirements in today's digital age.

Challenge #1:

Insider threats

Outside-facing protections do not work when cyber threats come from within an organization.

PreventiveChain solves this.

3D face ID biometrics with anti-spoofing tracks users in real time, while AI warns administrators if it suspects malicious activity. Captured data is persisted in ParallelChain®.

Challenge #2:

Data protection under work-from-home

Productive 'Work From Home' invariably necessitates moving sensitive company data out of the office, increasing the risk of data leaks.

PreventiveChain solves this.

PreventiveChain authenticates the current user of the computer and blocks data extraction and screen capture. Captured data is immutably persisted in ParallelChain®.

Challenge #3:

Time-consuming and error-prone KYC process

Institutions struggle to perform KYC efficiently and keep the KYC data updated and protected.

eKYC-Chain and PreventiveChain solve this.

eKYC-Chain digitizes the KYC process and achieves higher efficiency and reliability with anti-spoofing facial recognition, real-time selfie-to-photo-ID matching, KYC data management. Coupled with PreventiveChain, KYC officers can perform their duties even when working from home.

Challenge #4:

Slow settlement times

To meet acceptable security standards, stock trades have to go through a long settlement process.

ChattelChain solves this.

High throughput on the ParallelChain® protocol and smart contracts on ChattelChain bring instant settlement trading compliant with international security standards.

Challenge #5:

Lack of workplace accountability

Parties working on a single project disagree about who is responsible for the successful completion of tasks, or failure to meet requirements.

ApprovalChain solves this.

Each activity in a process is immutably documented in ParallelChain®, while the ApprovalChain app ensures that tasks are signed off as completed per requirement only when agreement is reached.

Challenge #6:

Data are lost due to accidents or malicious activity

Data generated by vehicles or IoT systems become irretrievable when the physical devices are lost or damaged, while cloud solutions leave the data tampering issue unsolved.

ParallelChain® solves this.

ParallelChain® provides immutable persistence of data, representing a ‘virtual black-box’ that is undamageable and tamper-proof.


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