ParallelChain Mainnet Integrates With Mises Application In Latest Partnership

20 March 2023

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ParallelChain is partnering with Mises, a decentralised social network protocol, to fuel the fast-growing communities and make Web3 more user-friendly and accessible. The partnership will integrate ParallelChain into the Mises Browser mobile app which currently supports a multi-chain ecosystem that hosts networks such as Harmony, Aptos, and Arbitrum.

The listing will enable these communities to access ParallelChain’s project easily and learn how the project is gearing up to be one of the fastest blockchains in Web3. The integration will provide users of Mises greater and easier access to the dApps on ParallelChain and its network of Web2 and Web3 applications powered by ParallelChain’s dual-blockchain ecosystem.

About ParallelChain Lab

Founded in 2018, ParallelChain Lab develops solutions for the Web 3.0 economy with game-changing blockchain and AI technologies. ParallelChain is a magnitude of two layer-1 blockchain platforms, powering an ecosystem of permissioned and decentralised blockchain applications with record-breaking high speeds and scalability, seamless public-private integration, and an architecture that revolves around accountability, user privacy and dual-biometrics security.

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About Mises

Mises is a decentralised web browser that seeks to build a Web3 social media infrastructure which gives users a voice free of censorship on the internet. Through its efforts, the project seeks to return the control of information back to their users by building a browser that does not capitalise on their behaviour, while encouraging an online environment that is both open and interconnected in a framework of decentralised contributors.

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