ParallelChain (XPLL) Community Round

27 March 2023

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After more than three years of planning, fundraising, and engineering efforts on building the proof-of-stake Mainnet for ParallelChain’s dual-blockchain ecosystem – the blockchain is now live. In conjunction with this big event, the ParallelChain team is excited to announce the long overdue XPLL Community Round.

In this article, you will find:

I. Project Introduction
II. Community Round Details (including dates, minimum & maximum contributions, pricing, vesting terms, how to participate)
III. Summary of Previous Rounds
IV. XPLL Key Facts & Tokenomics

I. Project Introduction & A Message from the Team

ParallelChain is a dual-blockchain ecosystem of applications and smart contracts powered by two layer-1 distributed ledgers: ParallelChain Mainnet and ParallelChain Private. Founded with the purpose to create a utility-driven, networked and trusted ecosystem for web2 and web3 users, the ParallelChain project focuses on: core-level, privacy-preserving interoperability between private and public blockchains; web2-compatible scalability; artificial intelligence-based capabilities, and compliance for the regulated firms.

Without web2 collaboration, DeFi is stuck.

In 2020, we announced the initiative to build a public proof-of-stake blockchain for ParallelChain, which back then was only a private blockchain for enterprises. We have been blessed with tremendous support and trust from respected computer scientists, like-minded enthusiasts – most importantly, you – joining ParallelChain in this collective effort to evolve the blockchain ecosystem into a more secure and accessible space that breeds transformative use cases.

Since the conclusion of Private Round over a year ago, our community has grown by leaps and bounds, and we are pleased to offer this last opportunity to the new members and those who missed the previous events.

II. Community Round Details


From 27-March-2023 to 30-April-2023 (tentatively).

Community Round Supply:

6,250,000 XPLLs


US$0.76 per XPLL


35% unlocked at the mass distribution event (expected in the first week of May 2023), the remaining 65% to vest daily and linearly over: (a) 30 days for US$500-$3,000; (b) 150 days for US$3,001-$6,000; and (c) 270 days for US$6,001-$10,000.

Minimum & Maximum Contributions:

US$500 – US$10,000 (Contributions can be made in BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT)

How to Participate:

Please submit an application for the Community Round via this link on mobile: In the application, you will be required to enter the USD amount ($0.76 * number of tokens) of your allocation, provide your ParallelChain public address for receiving XPLL, and complete a KYC process that involves taking pictures of your face and ID document.

After Submission:

Your participation is conditioned upon successful and approved KYC, of which the ParallelChain team has the sole and final decision. Successful applicants will receive a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) from the team by email, containing the details of allocation and further instructions.

Community Round participants will receive the XPLLs in their ParallelChain address provided in the form at the mass distribution event.

III. Summary of Previous Rounds

There have been several rounds taken place since the mainnet project began in Q4 2020:

Angel (Oct – Dec 2020)

- US$0.06
- 2% unlock, 180 days cliff, then 720 days linear vesting

Seed (Dec 2020 – Feb 2021)

- US$0.24
- 12.5% unlock, 90 days cliff, then 240-240 days linear vesting

Privates (Feb – May 2021)

- US$0.60
- 25% unlock, then 30-270 days linear vesting

Validators (vest) (Nov 2021 – March 2023)

- US$0.30 / US$0.35 / US$0.40
- 18-24 months linear vesting

Validators (operate) (Nov 2021 – March 2023)

- US$0.30 / US$0.35 / US$0.40
- 0% unlock, 8-12 months cliff, then 10-12 months linear vesting

IV. XPLL Key Facts & Tokenomic




Utility Token

Total Supply (Genesis):

125 million

Max Supply:


Initial Marketing Cap:

~US$4.9 million

Initial Circulating Supply:

~5.2% of total supply

Initial Fully Diluted Value:

US$95 million

In this XPLL Token Metrics document:, you will find more details about XPLL, including its supply distribution, figures of previous rounds, post-launch vestings, inflation.


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