XPLL Tokenomics Update – Reduced Total Supply

20 March 2023

XPLL Reduced Supply.png

After thorough analysis and gathering feedback from industry players who have shared their expertise, we have decided to reduce the total supply of XPLL, ParallelChain’s native token, from 250,000,000 to 125,000,000.

We believe this will improve and bring positive impacts to the tokenomics of ParallelChain. This article summarises the adjustments brought about by this reduction of supply.

To adapt to the reduction, distribution of the total supply has been restructured as follows (~rounded figures):

  • ~22% Pre-ICO Rounds
  • ~35% Validators
  • ~5% Strategic & Marketing Partners
  • 11% Team
  • 4% Listing (MM, liquidity, etc.)
  • ~23% Ecosystem

Putting the interests of the community first, this reduction of total supply will not lead to any reduction for existing allocation holders, the most significant cut is made from the team’s allocation which has been reduced by >50%.

With the Mainnet launch and another much-anticipated event upon us, an updated tokenomics detailing aspects including vesting and pricings will be published momentarily. Please stay tuned.

At last, wholeheartedly from the ParallelChain team: we are very grateful and proud to have such a strong community and supportive network guiding us through the way. We hope you will find this change a positive one, as we continue the journey, together.


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