XPLL Generation and Distribution FAQ

28 March 2023

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We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about XPLL generation and distribution to help you understand what to expect.

Q1. What is the difference between XPLL generation and distribution?

A1. The term “TGE” had been broadly and indiscriminately used in our previous communications, a distinction needs to be drawn between the XPLL generation and distribution events.

Generation is the creation of the XPLL token on the ParallelChain Mainnet blockchain, where 125 million XPLLs are created as the initial total supply. These 125 million XPLLs are kept in 13 addresses under the custody of ParallelChain Lab until the mass distribution where allocation holders will receive their XPLLs in the ParallelChain addresses submitted.

Q2. When are the two events taking place?

A2. XPLL was generated on 23-March-2023. The mass distribution event is currently planned for early May-2023, after the address collection process and the Community Round (details). During this gap period, all XPLLs are stored and split among 13 wallets in the custody of ParallelChain Lab.

Q3. When will my XPLLs begin to unlock and vest?

A3. The schedules will begin on the mass distribution day.

Q4. Do I have to wait for the team’s distribution for every vesting?

A4. No, your XPLLs will vest (unlock) automatically via smart contract.

Q5. Do I have to do anything to claim the vested XPLLs?

A5. You will have to claim from the smart contract in order to have the vested XPLLs sent to your wallet. However, you don’t have to do it every day or every month, your vested XPLLs will accumulate.

Q6. Am I able to check my XPLLs that have not yet vested?

A6. Yes, you will be able to check your locked balance from the Xperience wallet.

Q7. What wallet do I use to receive my allocation?

A7. You can only use Xperience, the native blockchain wallet of ParallelChain Mainnet, to receive XPLL allocation. Xperience is currently only available on the ParallelChain web explorer at

Q8. Where and how do I generate my address for receiving XPLL?

A8. You first need to create your ParallelChain account on the web explorer. Click the round icon in the top right corner, then click Register. If you’re unsure about the steps, check out this video and article for a walkthrough.

Q9. How and where do I submit my address for receiving my allocation?

A9. Please submit your public address (public key) directly to the team. We don’t need the private key and we will NEVER ask for it.

If you’re holding allocation from the pre-sale rounds, please submit by replying to the existing email thread you have with the team.

If you’re holding allocation from the Node round, please submit using the existing communication channel you have with the team.

If you’re a winner of the XPLL Community Giveaway that took place in Dec 2021, please submit using the existing email thread you have with the team.

If you’re a winner of the Lucky Draw in Jan 2022, please submit here.

If you’re a winner of the Airdrop in 2021, please submit here.

Q10. Can I receive my allocation in more than one address?

A10. Unfortunately no. Each allocation can only be sent to one address.

Q11. Is there a deadline for submitting my address? What happens if I miss the deadline?

A11. You should try to submit your address before the mass distribution. After the event, we will still make batches of subsequent distributions from time to time for those who submit late, and these distributions still enjoy the same unlock/vest starting point (the mass distribution day).


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