ParallelChain Lab

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ParallelChain Mainnet

Breakthrough layer-1 smart contract platform with a unique delegated-proof-of-stake system designed to power an accountable, democratic, ever-growing blockchain ecosystem - ParallelChain is infinity.

The ParallelChain Ecosystem

A Public + Private Blockchain Ecosystem with Real World Scalability and Compliance.

Lightning Fast.
ParallelChain is a high performance blockchain with scalability built-in by design, leveraging optimistic rollups to bring users fast transaction times and lower fees.
High Performance DApps.
ParallelChain Mainnet is open-source. Anyone can join the network and launch decentralized projects written in Go, Rust, WASM (more languages coming).
Delegated Proof-of-Stake.
Secured by an accountable, innovative class system of delegated proof-of-stake - ParallelBFT is designed to balance performance and democratic consensus on the network.
On-Chain Governance and Consensus

Node operation on ParallelChain.

Reward Cap
Not Required

Your ticket to the ParallelChain ecosystem


Use XPLL to pay for transaction fees on ParallelChain.


Stake XPLL to run a validator node or delegate to earn block rewards.


Help govern the network and vote on proposals that shape the future of ParallelChain.


Burn XPLL in exchange for ParallelChain® software license.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to stake at least 500,000 XPLL to run a node.

Presale supply is limited, the sale will end once it’s sold out. Send your application here, good luck!

250,000,000 tokens are created at genesis, and the presale supply is limited to no more than half of that.

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You may find the answers from our community on Telegram. If not, drop us an email: