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A ParallelChain In Your Pocket.

Welcome to a new crypto experience.

Secure assets with your biometrics

Multi-biometric Authentication.

Create your unique Bio-key with a combination of face, voice, and palm biometrics.

Enjoy effortless security for login, transaction approval, and wallet recovery – no more stuck tokens!

Multi-biometric Recognition Demo
What happens to my biometric data in ParallelWallet?

Instead of keeping the face/palm images in comprehensible formats that can be reverse-engineered to reveal the original files, ParallelWallet goes through a rigorous process to convert your biometrics into unique mathematical derivations, then further encrypts and scrambles the data to make it completely irreversible within and outside ParallelWallet. Learn More
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Take full control over your own privacy

Your Wallet, Your Blockchain.

Everything in your ParalellWallet - including your biometrics, account activity and history - are stored in your personal ParallelChain.

You decide what data stays and what goes, or start afresh anytime with a complete deletion of account.

Multiple Blockchains Support.

Other than the ParallelChain-native XPLL, ParallelWallet comes equiped with support for multiple blockchain networks including Bitcoin, Ethereum and BSC.

Native Digital Wallet of ParallelChain.

Store, send and recieve XPLL and other ParallelChain-based tokens and NFTs.

View the live status of the ParallelChain blockchain and explore its applications and marketplaces.

Manage Your Stakes & Rewards.

Stake and grow your XPLL via validator delegation, follow the status of your rewards in real-time.

Your "Right to Be Forgotten" Matters.

You own your data. ParallelWallet is the only blockchain wallet that offers users GDPR-level data protection and privacy.
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Coming to iOS and Android.