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Groundbreaking Cybersecurity For

Insider Monitoring

PreventiveChain is a unique security management system built upon ParallelChain Lab's high-performing ParallelChain® platform. This biometric system incorporates cameras to help businesses monitor user patterns and pre-empt improper use and leakage of the organization-critical data.

PreventiveChain Login

A proprietary layer of protection

Enhanced security, at every point of interaction.

PreventiveChain logs and protects the safety of all user interaction with the system.

And by all, we mean everything. From something as mundane as opening a website, to something less clear-cut and possibly malicious as I/O traffic between the computer and the outside world.

Logged data is not only persisted on ParallelChain® for investigation in the event of a data leak, it is analyzed in close to real-time. Suspicious patterns of behavior are flagged, and if need be, will lock the computer.

Dynamic watermarks

Biometric authentication

2D/3D anti-spoofing

A weakness with run-of-the-mill face recognition solutions is that they often cannot distinguish between three-dimensional faces and two-dimensional prints.

PreventiveChain's biometric authentication is intended to be paired with dual-sensor webcams, with one sensor capturing visible light, and another capturing infrared. The information this setup captures allows us to distinguish prints from real human beings, not only by analyzing depth information, but also by detecting the user's pulse.


Multi factor

Multi-factor User Authentication

Multiple layers of protection to secure user account. Failing to meet any requirement: no access.
Facial recognition

Facial Recognition with 2D/3D anti-spoofing

Distinguishes between real persons and printed graphics.
Restricted access rights

Restricted Access Rights

Exposes different subsets of the filesystem to users in different permission levels.
Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking of user behaviour

AI models monitors the user's behaviour for suspicious activity, and automatically logs them out if need be.
User control

Control override

Administrators can forcibly take control of installed devices in the event of an attack.
Security watermarks

Security watermarks

Deters screen capture by making the potentially malicious user's identity visible in screenshots.
User activities recording

Immutable persisting of captured data

Everything the system monitors is stored on ParallelChain®, making evidence tampering impossible.
Restricted drives

Restricted external & network drives

Selectively blocks use of USB, Bluetooth, Network Storage, and other external peripherals.