High-Performing Asset Tokenization With

Instant Settlement

ChattelChain is a fast asset tokenization platform built upon the high-performing ParallelChain® to create asset-backed tokens. ChattelChain offers instantaneous cryptocurrency trading, insider fraud prevention and integration with the unhackable+unforgettable ParallelWallet.

App Showcase

Tokenize and trade
...well, basically anything

Carbon assets

Carbon credits, ESG/green bonds, carbon neutral certification

Shared ownership of

Real estate property, hotel, art piece, or things of value


Or simply trade shares in companies outside the stock market

Trade in fiat or cryptocurrencies


Euros, USD etc.


Bitcoin, Ether etc.

Mint your own digital currency

Build your own custom asset

We can customize ChattelChain to meet your needs.

Blockchained in-game currency? Check.
Frequent flyer points? Check.
The possibilities are endless.

Macro-micro perspectives at a glance

Interactive Candlesticks Chart

Perform in-depth technical analysis of any listed cryptocurrencies through various parameters
iPhone frameUnhackable walletTokenize and trade everythingCustom currenciesMacro-micro

Admin Portal

Trader, asset, transaction management

Comprensive web portal

Reviews and approves new user registrations, asset tokenization requests, currency transfers, token transfers and settlements

Who watches the admin?

Every action and activity is recorded in detail and stored on the ParallelChain™ blockchain.

Coupled with PreventiveChain for insider-targeted security.
ChattelChain admin portal


Greater Liquidity

Greater Liquidity

Tokens of illiquid assets such as real estate, fine art, and quotas for agricultural goods can be traded on exchanges, resulting in increased liquidity.



Tokens open up investments to a wider audience, since the minimum investment amounts are much lower.

24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

There is no closing bell in ChattelChain. Buy and sell when the rest of the market is asleep.

More Transparency

More Transparency

Tokens are immutable, incorruptible, and the token holder' rights can be embedded into the token.This providers greater transparency in knowing your rights.

Automated compliance

Automated compliance

Compliance with regulations can be programmed into smart contracts, reducing and automating the regulatory compliance burden.

Fast Settlement

Fast Settlement

It generally takes 2 additional days to settle for risk management of sequential steps. Smart Contract and real-time information symmetry enables such processes to happen in parallel.

Programmable features

Programmable features

Automating dividend payouts, easing voting processes, automating vesting periods etc.



Transaction and records, if blockchained properly, are immutable. It is an excellent infrastructure to record historical ownerships and current ownerships.

Increased efficiencies & cheaper fees

Increased efficiencies & cheaper fees

Tokens can use smart contracts to automate the buying and selling. This reduces the administrative burden, resulting in faster execution and lower transaction fees.


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