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Digital identify verification with

Spoof-Proof Biometrics

eKYC-Chain is a digital identity solution powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and biometric technologies, empowering businesses to increase conversion rates, save resources, and stay compliant.

Advanced Biometrics Technologies for User Onboarding and Authentication
Multi-modal Biometric Recognition

eKYC-Chain combines two biometric factors: face and voice to increase the reliability of the authentication process and protect against presentation or spoof attacks.

Passive Liveness Detection

No more "Blink, move your head up, down, up again...", eKYC-Chain adopts passive liveness detection method which does not require users to perform specific actions, providing a fast and frictionless experience while acheiving a high levelh of security.

Automated Face Matching Against ID Photo

Compare the user's face with the photo ID to prevent identity fraud and enhance security.

Age Classification

Determine the age group of the user based on their face or voice features, helping businesses to ensure their users meet the minimum age requirement for accessing specific services or products, or acquire more accurate data on user demographics.

<1s Near-instant Recognition

Boost your user experience and drive conversion rates like never before with the fastest onboarding process.

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ID Verification with Machine Learning-powered OCR

Detect fake, expired, or under-aged ID to stay compliant. eKYC-Chain utilises a machine learning-trained OCR engine to verify the authenticity and validity of ID document.

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