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the blockchain with public + private integration.
Blockchain Meets Regtech
Integrate blockchain technology with your business.

With our suite of layer-2 solutions built with cutting-edge biometric and blockchain technologies. ParallelChain has the solution to meet your business needs and requirements. Our blockchain has GDPR compliant data privacy, and security features built-in to protect your company’s and users data. We are uniquely positioned to bring crypto, blockchain, and AI technology together.

Parallel Chain Positioning

Our team consists of highly skilled researchers and developers having diverse backgrounds and experiences in various leading technology companies and universities.

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Blockchain done right
What the technologists are saying.

Dr. Radia Perlman

“ParallelChain Lab saw the insufficiencies of past-generation blockchains, and designed a network from the ground up with an impressive transaction speed and unlimited scalability.”

Mother of the Internet

US National Inventor Hall of Fame 2016

US Academy of Engineering 2015

Internet Hall of Fame 2014

PhD, Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Mr. Anand Chandrasekher

“Congratulations to ParallelChain Lab for successfully innovating a seamless blockchain ecosystem capable of truly solving real-world problems.”

Fmr. Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Intel

Fmr. Chief Marketing Officer, Qualcomm

MS, MBA, Cornell University

Mr. Charlie Kaufman

“I was impressed by the ParallelChain Lab team’s simple solution in proving a blockchain’s immutability, which, along with transparency, constitutes the foundation of blockchain technology.”

Former Chief Network Security Architect,

Microsoft Azure and IBM Lotus Notes / Domino

MS, Dartmouth College

Dr. Dileep Bhandarkar

“ParallelChain Lab has created a breakthrough in blockchain technology that provides scalable transaction performance unmatched by others.”

Fmr. Vice President of Technology, Qualcomm (San Diego)

Fmr. Director of Advanced Architecture at Intel

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Mr. Richard H.L. Cheung​

“ParallelChain Lab® is a truly innovative technology and product, which reminds me of the early days of Apple.”

Fmr. Senior Vice President and General Manager, Apple US

Fmr. General Manager, Foxconn Technology (China)​

Dr. Raj Jain​

“Blockchain is the digital enabler for a shared and decentralized economy. With its ultra-high throughput, low latency, unlimited scalability and privacy compliance, ParallelChain Lab has made this a reality. ​”

Barbara J. & Jerome R. Cox, Jr. Professor of Computer Science​, Washington University (St. Louis)​

Fmr. Lecturer at Massachussetts Institute of Technology

PhD, Harvard University

Why ParallelChain
Positioned to disrupt.

ParallelChain Lab was founded with the aim to give the world a blockchain platform built for real-world applications.

With its patent-pending breakthrough technologies, an award-winning technical team formed out of passionate innovators and industry leaders, strong business execution and deep market insight.

ParallelChain Lab consistently rolls out technical innovations, leading the distributed ledger race with its second-to-none blockchain ParallelChain.

Parallel Chain Team